Irish for the Month

St. Patrick's Day Parades & Leprechaun Fun!

By MacKID Bridgewater- Danielle Romano February 29, 2024

Enjoy being Irish for a few weeks with these fun things to do!

Here are a few local St. Patrick’s Day Parades and their links for more information. Don't forget to pack a candy bag just in case! :)


Rhode Island

Cape Cod: March 9th at 11am

Irish Festival Foxboro: March 16th 11am-4pm

Abington: Sunday March 17th at 1pm

Scituate: March 17th at 1pm

South Boston: Sunday March 17th at 1pm

Pawtucket, RI: March 2nd at 12pm

Providence, RI: Saturday March 9th

Newport, RI: March 16th at 11am

I don’t know about you, but the Leprechaun visits our house! The kids love making their traps and crafts for the Leprechaun. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate with your kiddos!

How to catch a Leprechaun:

  • Items to use:
    • shoe box, cereal box, tissue box, or amazon box
    • Popsicle sticks
    • String 
  • Decorate trap: stickers, crayons, paint, markers, glitter glue (avoid the glitter mess)
  • Set up the night before with a fun note
  • Wait until morning to find a fun goodie! :)

Mischievous Leprechauns: 

  • Silly tricks the leprechaun did around the house:
  • Green water in the sink
  • Leprechaun footprints from the front door, across the floor, or in the bathroom (easy clean-up!)
  • Four leaf clover chain 
  • Write on bathroom mirror with note
  • Green milk in cereal
  • Stickers on the toilet paper roll

Where to buy Chocolate Coins/Candy:

  • Brockton: Gowell's Home Made Candy
  • Easton: Hilliards Chocolates
  • East Bridgewater: Skinners Sugar House
  • Mansfield: 1829 Country Store
  • Whitman: Pinches & Pounds
  • Sharon: The Penny Candy Store

Magical Crafts:

  • Rainbows with a pot of gold at the end- use finger prints/cotton balls/ paint brushes, sponges, or monster trucks
  • Shamrocks- use hand prints, draw and cut the shape out, cut different size strips and form a heart add them together to make a clover
  • Paper Leprechauns- find a google image for the kiddos to color or fun coloring books
  • Make your own sensory bin- green playdough, gold coins and a small pot

St. Patrick’s Day pot of gold goodies:

  • Lucky charms (mini boxes) with new cereal bowls
  • Gold coins in old shoes or new spring shoes
  • Items to make a sensory kit: Play coins, playdough, pipe cleaners, big beads, mini cups/pots
  • Gold/green beaded necklaces 
  • Fun candy- rainbow sour candy, chocolate coins
  • Cookies
  • Fun Sunglasses
  • Festive t-shirts
  • Kite 
  • Books- How to Catch a Leprechaun, The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun, Elmo's Lucky Day, The Lucky Loader, Spot's Lucky Day, Pout-Pout Fish Lucky Leprechaun, Pete the Cat The Great Leprechaun Chase, The Night Before St. Patrick's Day, There was an Old Lady who swallowed a Clover!, or I Spy with my little eye Leprechaun Luck & Find